Thursday, 27 June 2013

Zomato: Write For A Bite Contest – I won!

Writing and food have always been huge interests of mine, so this recent bout of food-writing has certainly gripped me, and is something I'd definitely consider doing after – or even alongside – my dance career.

So I decided to start posting up some of my restaurant/café reviews on and for the fun of it, to stick my nose into the world of food-writing. I added 10 reviews on Monday, all taken from this blog and some slightly edited to make sure there's no missing context.

I knew that Zomato had a weekly contest of some sort, but I didn't know that I would win it 4 days after posting up my reviews! (Well I guess posting 10 lengthy reviews in a day did help with my chances...) In particular, the review about Assa (Zomato. Blog.) got me the reward. I got a congratulatory email from an admin from Zomato asking for information about postal address so that they can send me a voucher for a free meal at a top restaurant in London, as well as a goodie bag. (Which hasn't arrived yet)

I thought it wasn't a big deal, and that I'd just get some sort of ' £5 off your bill when you spend more than £20' thing, but the card entitled me a shocking £50 to spend at Bacco Restaurant & Wine Bar in Holborn! This made me so, so happy because a) free meals are heaven for students b) this free meal is in an actual, proper restaurant, so it's in a place higher than heaven c) It means that my review is good, and I officially have a definite 1% chance of becoming a food writer!

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