Friday, 31 May 2013

Double Choccy Mini Muffins by The Fabulous Bakin' Boys

Any chocolate muffin said to be less than 70 calories each is rather inviting.

Check out my fancy woollen leggings from Hounslow!

Then I gave myself a face-palm after opening the box – of course they are less than 70 calories each, they are weeny!

Yeah, apparently my Macbook is now a plate.

Much shouldn't be expected from baked goods which come sealed, and aren't from the baking section. Well... sometimes, you can't expect much from the baking section either – I once had a triple chocolate muffin from Tesco's bakery shelf which tasted like charcoal. Never again.

Packaged baked goods tend to be too dry and boring, with standard shapes and sizes, and none of that rustic, hand-made-with-love, cracked-on-the-top-but-who-cares stuff.

The dryness is nothing to worry about in The Fabulous Bakin' Boys' Double Choccy Mini Muffins (£1 at ASDA, U.P £1.48) as they are filled with moist chocolate and delightful chocolate chips.

The muffin is fluffy and sweet, quite enjoyable, and one can finish it in two bites, or one if you're pushing it. They are moist and fudgey on the inside, and so small that you don't feel satisfied unless you eat three of them to make up a regular-sized muffin.

A good buy if you've got a last-minute party or gathering to plan, and haven't got time to bake.

Otherwise, why not just get proper cupcakes from the bakery, (if not Tesco, then Sainsbury's or Waitrose or something) or make some on your own?
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