Friday, 2 November 2012

Mr Falafel

"The Best Palestinian Falafel" are some big words for a shop like this:

I'm sorry for the Google image

And the thing is I can't tell you whether those words ring true.

Because this little shop near Shepard's Bush Market stole my falafel virginity.

Apparently in Denmark they have falafel places everywhere which are frequented more than McDonald's. I know this because my Danish buddy Astrid told me so. And then my Portugese buddy Inês had a recommendation from her brother to try out Mr Falafel, so the hunt began.

Initially I thought we were getting kebabs with a fancy name but then Google told me that they were basically vegetarian Arabic meatballs, but I'm fine with that because Arabic food always turns out alright, and hummus is a perfect example of a food which can never go wrong.

For your reference

Anyway we took a 40 minute bus ride from Richmond to Ealing Broadway due to Mrs C's recommendation, plus the sun was out and we wanted to see stuff instead of being stuck underground listening to screeching train wheels. We enjoyed this for about 10 minutes before the clouds turned grey and the rain came in. Sigh.

It was then another agonizing train journey from Ealing Broadway to Shepard's Bush. Agonizing because it was almost 1pm and we were hungry kids.

Then there was the walk from Shepard's Bush Station to Shepard's Bush Market itself which was bloody cold and impended the risk of getting lost. I was the one with the smartphone so the pressure was on me to get us to our happy place.

By the time we found Mr Falafel we audibly rejoiced and poured into the warmth of the little, humble shop. We were greeted warmly by the chefs/cooks/falafel-makers/angels who took our order and made our wraps on the spot. I got a... Falafel & Ful Medames wrap (I had to look up their menu online to remember its name) which was "served with boiled and mashed broad beans flavoured with cumin, garlic and lemon juice," (£5) while the other two got a Supreme Falafel wrap "served with Hommous, tomatoes, fried aubergines, feta cheese, oilves, avocado and pomegranate syrup." (£5)

The wraps came and they were about the length of my forearm, but thicker in terms of width. The first thing we girls did was hold the warm paper-covered wrap in our icy palms, then subsequently to our numb cheeks. And of course the sigh was a reflex. The mashed broad beans in my wrap was just what I needed for that cold afternoon – it wasn't too mushy yet had a satisfying texture, much like having warm baby food. Except I don't remember how baby food tastes like, but I hope you know what I mean anyway. I can't tell for sure what was what in my wrap because the beans covered everything, and it was like one big yummy mess. But I'm sure the falafel tasted good. There was a perfect amount of veggies in the wrap as well, and the perfect kind. I've been a victim of onion overload in my Subway subs (well then I guess you can't blame the chefs, because you create your own sub after all...) but the pickles in this wrap were, although distinct, not too overbearing in its taste and fit in fine. The chilli was not too spicy yet not too mild, a good in-between level to add a little something to the wrap. (I guess this depends on the individual)

The Supreme Falafel wrap must've been good. (see end of paragraph before) I had a bite off both their wraps, and it was the feta cheese which stole my heart. It complimented all the tasty stuff so well, I think I rolled my eyes with happiness while I chewed. There's something about cheese in wraps which spells perfection. There's something about cheese which spells perfection.

On our last few bites, our eyes started to hover to the menu to select our next prey. Next time I'm getting a Falafel & Spicy Potatoes wrap, with additional feta cheese for 40p.

"See you," we yelled to the chefs as we stepped out into the bloody cold, "very very soon!"

Mr Falafel

New Shepherd's Bush Market 
11 Uxbridge Road, London, Greater London W12 8LH
Tel: 07798 906668

By the way I apologize for the lack of pictures, the idea for this blog sparked only after getting home.

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