Monday, 19 November 2012


One of the things which gives me cheap thrills here in London is the ability to eat on the train. In Singapore, there is the penalty of a monetary fine if you are ever caught eating on a train. This results in very clean public transport facilities, but also starving commuters. (I doubt it's just me who would suddenly be overcome with hunger during a 20-minute train journey, yes?)

It is rare to see a picture on this blog without a bite stolen out of impatience

I gleefully picked up this Chocolate Chunk shortbread from Marks & Spencer's in Richmond station yesterday while on the way to Central London to meet my sister for lunch. I usually have the impression that M&S is where all the rich people do their grocery shopping, but my friend Emily had to go grab a sandwich for lunch, so I followed her into the shop and chanced upon the bakery section. This shortbread was 62p per piece, and I always knew that Marks & Spencer's would never disappoint when it comes to shortbread. I had it on the train and it was really good and satisfying. The shortbread was light yet sweet, and the sugar on top was a treat, and the milk chocolate chunks were just right.

More M&S shopping with my sister resulted in this purchase. 

Shortbread is one of the things that really makes me wish I wasn't going through the abnormal-appetite teenage phase. After having one, you just can't help yourself to another. But shortbread is so buttery and sugary – by the time you gobble up your third, you can feel your stomach double in size.

But, heck, shortbread cookies are on the top of my gluttonous list, alongside stuff like chocolate-coated digestive biscuits and eclairs. And for as long as I stay in the UK, I don't think they'll be escaping my wrath anytime soon.

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