Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cadbury Crunchie Bar and Biscuits

I only discovered about a week ago that, in the world of confectionary, honeycomb isn't actual, hanging-from-a-tree-bees-live-in-it honeycomb. Yes, I have eaten real raw honeycomb before, but no, it didn't occur to me that the crunchy, golden, yellow, aerated stuff in chocolate bars and stuff were not dried-up honeycombs, but heated, risen and hardened sugar syrup.

Revelation aside, here is a review of Cadbury's Crunchie bar (65p), which is a block of honeycomb coated with milk chocolate.

If this sounds like diabetes to you, I assure you that it probably is. It is a sweet, decadent treat, and the crunchy honeycomb melts warmly in your mouth, with a great burnt sugar taste. However, a few bites into it and I started getting an uncomfortable, sharp feeling in my throat, from the sugar overload. It may have 185 calories (just think – half the bar is made up of air bubbles), alright for a chocolate bar, but every ounce of it is sugar, which is too much for one to handle.

On the other hand, the biscuit version of the Crunchie bar has become one of my favourite things ever.

There are 8 thick and round , chocolate-coated biscuits in a pack, which I grabbed at a good Tesco offer of £1. (U.P £1.79)

These biscuits are really ones to try. The chocolate coats a layer of biscuit and a layer of honeycomb, so you get varying textures – smooth milk chocolate, crunchy biscuit, and crispy honeycomb. The flavour in it is also really good. The honeycomb gives the biscuit a lovely taste instead of being overpowering, like in the bar, while the biscuit prevents chocolate and honeycomb combination from clogging your throat.

I often fill half my suitcase with cookies when I return to Singapore for visits during term break – these biscuits are definitely going in there.
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