Monday, 22 April 2013

Mr Falafel | Part 2

Click here for part one.

I went to Mr Falafel a second time and didn't order any falafel.

It was a mistake, but I didn't feel too bummed about it – I only realised after finishing my Vegetable Cocktail Wrap (£3.50) that the wrap did not contain falafels, but I was absolutely satisfied by the wrap anyway.

The 'Vegetable Cocktail Wrap' was "served with fried florets of cauliflower and fried potatoes including fried aubergines, garlic sauce, lemon juice, and our usual pickles and sauces." Of course, due to the hungry state that I was in, I immediately assumed that there was going to be falafel in the wrap which did not state anything about containing falafels.

Nevertheless, the wrap was delicious, I really didn't mind not having falafels in it.

The flavours and spices were great – they danced around my mouth excitedly. The sauces oozed out of the warm, delicious Lebanese flatbread, and the vegetables were colourful and tasty.

Mr Falafel
New Shepherd's Bush Market 
11 Uxbridge Road, London, Greater London W12 8LH
Tel: 07798 906668

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