Sunday, 13 January 2013


Get a big potato, bake it, cut it halfway lengthwise and widthwise so that it resembles a first-aid sign, squish it outwards to form a plateau of sorts. Then scoop some good Mexican Chilli Beef (I don't know whether this is Chilli Con Carne or not) onto that, and top it with cheese. Add some mashed-up avocado at the side and a few Pringle chips, and you've got a subpar imitation of the most memorable dinner I've ever had, cooked by the one and only Mrs C.

What you do is grab that Pringle and scoop up some avocado. I'm starting to think that Pringles were shaped for this purpose, much like the Tic Tac box has a Tic Tac holder that nobody knew about until it went on 9Gag.

Avocado is really strange. It's green and tasteless goop. Why does it exist?

Anyway, if you've completely run out of ideas for dinner, why don't you try this baked potato a la Mrs C?
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