Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I went healthy food shopping

There's a tiny little corner shop next to the rail station near my place which sells whole foods – shelves and shelves of them – and I was curious. It was a lazy Sunday (I think) evening, and I was wandering around the area after doing my Tesco shopping for the week's lunch.

I always had the impression that "organic" and "whole foods" translates to "expensive", and I was right, so I went for a few items by the door which were under a pound.

Sea salt flavoured Cofresh Hummus Chips

This intrigued me, but they had too mild of a taste for my liking. They're made of chickpea flour, and the sea salt was minimal, but they were still edible, good for filling the tummy without feeling unhealthy, as there was barely any oil present.
Sunita sesame bar with honey

I'm not a huge nut-bar worshipper, but I know that nothing goes too wrong when coated with honey, and sesame seeds were familiar ground to me.

As you can see, there is no mid-bite photograph available. (ps: I just realized that I have run out of these, and am desperate to get some first thing tomorrow morning.)

Aside from the addictive sweet and nutty taste, it provides loads of energy and is healthy too!

Yes, nuts are high in calories and fat, but they are healthy, and good for you. At least that's what I keep reminding myself when I gorge down a giant mixed nut bar before bedtime. Furthermore, honey is good for your skin, anti-bacterial, and can actually reduce the risk of cancer. In fact, some mornings, I have two spoonfuls of honey with hot water, as a drink – so delicious, and it looks like cancer isn't coming my way anytime soon.

Next up are these things I got from Tesco. First is a belVita breakfast biscuit, sandwiched with yogurt.

It was pretty normal, nothing special about it.

Resembles an Oreo. No? Okay.

And then this baby takes belVita breakfast biscuits to a whole new level.

They sat on the counter of the Cs' kitchen for a few mornings, unopened, because: why have biscuits when you can have toast with chocolate spread, or cereal with yogurt?

There is no question once you have eaten a belVita breakfast biscuit with honey and nuts and little chocolate chips. The biscuit is crisp, sweet and tasty, and as addictive as chocolate digestives, (and anyone who has had those know what I'm talking about) or probably even more. The little chocolate chips are a real treat, and the nuts are just right, neither overstuffed nor scarce. They come in packets of four, which in my opinion is a dangerous quantity, as one can never successfully persuade oneself to eat two and keep the rest for later. They are currently on offer for half-price at Tesco, which makes me very happy.

These 'go ahead!' apple fruit bakes were on offer as well, (I think they still are) and after recently converting from a baked-apple skeptic to a lover of apple pies and cakes, these seemed appealing.

I'm not too sure what the 'bake' is. The closest thing I can compare it to is a shortcrust pastry. The shell is smooth and soft, and it isn't a crunchy biscuit. The apple filling is delicious. It's kind of sticky and paste-y, which makes the whole snack very easy to eat. It's a great bar, I really like it.

The last victim is 'go ahead!' 's strawberry yogurt break, which is a thin, cracker-sandwich filled with strawberry paste, with yogurt spread on top.

The cracker and yogurt combination of textures is slightly strange, but the overall taste is good, except for two things – the sultanas and currants. I absolutely detest raisins and their dehydrated cousins, so the biscuit is alright up to the point when I find myself chewing on something un-strawberry in the filling.

But several of my friends love this snack, so you can ignore my judgement on this one.
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