Saturday, 12 January 2013

Rice pudding part 2

I did say that I was going to hunt down all the Müller rice flavours – or maybe I didn't, but it was a resolution which kept nagging at me ever since I discovered it.

It's not the back of a fork I'm using, it's a spork

Apple Strudel sounds delectable and inviting as a rice pudding flavour, and I enjoyed it, but if I had a choice I would still go for either strawberry or vanilla custard, but I don't mind seeking this one out occasionally. The flavour is great for people who are absolutely in love with apple and cinnamon combinations, which is what the 'apple strudel sauce' here really is made up of. I kind of wish they had thrown in a few pastry flakes, (just had a flashing image of pastry confetti) to make it even more apple strudel-like. Soggy pastry is better than no pastry.

The maple syrup flavoured one made more sense than... apple strudel. It is basically maple syrup at the bottom, and it doesn't taste like cheap pancake syrup, it actually has a strong maple fragrance to it. That's why the first few mouthfuls can be a bit of a shock, with the strong maple taste, but it gets really, really good as you keep on eating it. Still doesn't beat the simple and perfect marriage of rice pudding with strawberry or vanilla custard, but this is a well-done attempt by Müller.

Gosh, how I love rice pudding.
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