Sunday, 3 February 2013


It was a sunny day in Piccadilly Circus and I had the mentality of screw-it-you're-in-london-it's-saturday-so-treat-yourself-to-something-good as I walked past Cinnabon.

Source because the cinnabons were calling me and I had to go in

The rustic, sweet cinnamon fragrance overwhelms you as soon as you step inside. 

There's a fast-moving queue in the little shop, and as you wait, you can't help but lift your heels up to get a better view of the plump, glazed buns huddled together in their pans.

They've got a Cinnabon classic roll, which is a warm and soft dough rolled with cinnamon syrup and glazed with loads of cream cheese frosting, all about the size of Hercules' fist, and also our server's favourite. They also have a mini-version of it called a Minibon, and a Chocobon which does not contain cinnamon, but is filled with chocolate, and drizzled with chocolate. The attention-seeker of the lot is the Caramel Pecanbon, which has added crushed pecan nuts and caramel to the classic version. The price of a Cinnabon classic roll is £2.99, which is definitely worth it for such a big and yummy cinnamon roll.

My friends and I illegally opened our box of 4 in a nearby café, attracting curious glances from around. (There were tables in the Cinnabon shop, but the shop is tiny and often at full capacity) These Cinnabons are messy business. Although we were provided with forks, they threatened to snap when we tried to saw through the pliant dough, so we gave up and put them in napkins to pick them up with. You're not faced with a particularly pretty sight as you gingerly use two fingers to tweeze the Cinnabon, lift it up, and pause as the brown cinnamon syrup drips from underneath the bun.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Caramel Pecanbon. It was sweet, warm, chewy and nutty, and left me licking the frosting and cinnamon off my fingers. However, you definitely wouldn't ask for seconds. My friends couldn't finish their Cinnabons. For people who aren't too keen on sugary things and desserts (i.e not yours truly), it is rather sickly and over-rich with sugar. For dessert-lovers, a Cinnabon is a trip to heaven. The Caramel Pecanbon is delectable, highly recommended!


  • Get the Minibons, or share a Cinnabon with someone. It's hard go solo on a single Cinnabon.
  • Bring some wet-wipes with you, sticky fingers guaranteed.
  • Go with a group of friends – you can get boxes of 4 or 6, which makes the price of each Cinnabon cheaper.

7-14 Coventry St  London W1D 7DH
020 7287 9274
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