Monday, 11 February 2013

La Creperie Bretonne

St Margarets was all slushy and raining during a Saturday in January. I had just finished a rehearsal at school, and was looking for lunch.

I ended up joining my friends at a little café in St Margarets, just next to the station, called 'La Creperie Bretonne'. Apparently there's a famous eating place in Paris which bears the same name, and the one in St Margarets is un-Google-able.

The rain was annoying and I wanted to get indoors – this café welcomed me with its lit-up display counter containing cakes, muffins, rolls and croques, as well as a long menu full of reasonably-priced food and drink behind the counter.

One of the things I love about London is the cafés and patisseries, which are just everywhere. Even if you've just had lunch, you could pop into a café for some hot chocolate or coffee, or salivate on the shop windows of patisseries. It is comforting to know that there is food everywhere, available in a chill and comfy atmosphere.

The guy told me that this was a nougat, but [again] I can't seem to find a nougat like this on Google. It's basically some sort of danish pastry with cinnamon and almond, with glaze. It filled me up okay for a lunch meal, and was satisfying.

The hot chocolate was just great. It was sweet, warm, chocolate-y and really value for money. The small size already came in a pretty big cup, unlike in Café Nero's overpriced, tiny, little shot-mug.

Us three friends split a double chocolate muffin into three for dessert, and it was a really good muffin – hot, chocolate-y and fragrant.

As the name suggests, the café also does crêpes which I am eager to try. I will go back to La Creperie Bretonne during my next chance to try out more of their stuff!

La Creperie Bretonne

113 The Broadway
St Margarets
United Kingdom

Click here for part two.

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