Monday, 11 February 2013

Nakd bar

This post is going to be short and brief just like my encounter with the naked nakd bar was.

Before I go on, let me inform you that some of my friends do enjoy this wholefoods bar, so this is my advice – if you're a Christmas pudding, spices-and-raisins-in-goop kind of person, you may enjoy this bar too, so try not to be put off by my rant.

This looks like something put together from a puddle of sick. It has a soft texture which is easy to bite into. There's a lot of raw-ness and spice in there. I ate the whole thing, which proves that it's edible, just not so enjoyable. The banana bread flavour did come through, and I clung on to that while chewing down the strange bar. I did try the coffee flavoured one (I bought two at one go, definitely didn't go back for seconds) which was slightly better but still, the nakd bar was weird and I'm not having more of it.

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