Friday, 15 February 2013


There is no end.

I don't think anyone needs a review for McVitie's Chocolate-coated Digestives, because you can just ask anyone who's tried it, and they'll tell you to either have it, because it's so good, or to avoid, it, because it's so good.

These are currently on sale at Tesco's for £1 a packet. Everyone thought that McVitie's Digestives can't get any better, until this came along. Instead of a regular digestive biscuit coated with chocolate, the biscuit of a Double Chocolate Digestive is chocolate-flavoured, slightly thicker, and holds mini chocolate chips.

It's not actually orange, that's just the lighting in my room.

It's a great biscuit, but doesn't beat the original digestives by miles. The biscuit doesn't taste that different, but what I do love about it is the little chocolate chips! You can feel them in the biscuit when you bite into it, it's glorious. This is a good move by McVitie's.

Apparently these are on offer now – £1 for a box of 6. (Tesco) Before that, they were pretty expensive like other McVitie's products.

Apologies for the yellow lighting again

This bar probably isn't the most diet-friendly, but it sure is yummy. There are broken chunks of digestive biscuits in the bar, along with cereals, hazelnuts and a milky chocolate base – a marvelous medley indeed. What more could you ask for in a snack?

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